Finding carers who fall through the cracks

The number of people in a caring role is staggering. At any on time, there are an estimated 67,000 carers across the three boroughs. Many unpaid carers don't yet know they have rights as carers and that they can claim support. It is likely that many of these carers are hidden carers – carers in employment, those who care 50+ hours per week and those who may have been caring for 5+ years, but haven't accessed services.

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Working with local communities

For three years, Carers Network's dedicated Community Development Officer will work closely with communities across the City of Westminster, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Working with organisations and partners on the ground, the aim is to encourage unpaid carers to claim what they need and deserve. Ewa Kasjanowicz, Community Champions Project Manager, Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea

Several participants, who can be classified as hidden carers, felt encouraged to seek support as a result of attending the training.

Volunteer carer champions

Volunteer carer champions from the organisations and communities will collaborate in raising awareness about unpaid caring. These champions will bring their specialist understanding of their communities to the project. They will help increase knowledge about carers, the caring role and services that can be accessed. A volunteer from the Dadihiye Somali Development Organisation shared

The workshop was well presented and informative. It was useful to Somali carers who don’t know much [about] their rights. We need more of such workshops [so] that our people may gain more information and also support.

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Calling interested organisations and volunteers

If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your community organisation or becoming a volunteer carers champion, be in touch. The Community Development Officer Igor Novokreshchenov can be contacted by email or phone 07588 421 768.

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