Please note that Carers Network is unable to provide housing advice at this time.

Finding the best housing solution for you

Living in the family home might be the right thing for the person you care for. Or you might find that the family home is no longer the right place, and you need to discuss other options such as sheltered housing or extra care housing. It’s a big decision, and we can guide you and the person you care for.


You might need to make adaptions such as ramps or a stairlift. Each of the three local authorities in our area offer grants for adaptions to the home so people can live at home as long as possible.

You can find out more here:

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has a Living Independently Service 

People First supports disabled people living in Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster. 

What is 'sheltered housing' and 'extra care' housing?

Sheltered housing means someone lives independently but with a warden and activities with other residents. Extra care housing provides even more support, with nursing care on site.

Sheltered housing and extra care housing schemes are owned and managed by local authorities, housing associations, charities and the private sector. Usually, you have to pay for these services and fees will be different for each type of housing.

Moving into a family home

Sometimes family members move into their parents’ or grandparents’ home to look after them.

Finding out your rights is essential if you are considering moving out of a council or housing association flat - and therefore giving up your tenancy - as there are long waiting lists for social housing. 

We advise you to consider that will happen if a grandparent or parent moves into a nursing home or sadly dies, as their tenancy will come to an end, and you are unlikely to be able to stay living in the family home for very long.

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