Empathy and practical advice at a difficult time

As a cared-for person approaches the end of their life, there are so many issues for them and their carer. This might include decisions for the cared-for about where care should be delivered, emotional support, putting their affairs in order, and last wishes.

We offer specialist End of Life advice for carers looking after someone approaching the end of their life. You can access a personalised mix of practical, emotional and psychological support, depending on what you need. We aim to make your experience as a carer at this time more positive, and to empower the cared-for person.

Is End of Life Carer support right for me?

If you look after someone who has a terminal illness, or is over 80, has a health condition, or lives in a residential or nursing home, then this may be the right project for you. We can help you prepare for your cared-for person’s end of life, make arrangements, balance care with your other responsibilities, and ensure your wellbeing during a difficult time.

We work with GPs, hospices, Macmillan Nurses, Admiral Nurses, hospitals, community matrons and other end of life care professionals to support you.

We want to give you and your cared-for as much control and choice as possible, and to support you through the journey of dying, death, and bereavement. Remember, you are not alone. We are right by your side during this most difficult of times.

How can End of Life Carers help me?

You can attend information workshops for carers. These are offered online and in the community. You can meet experts and discuss issues on your mind. This could include specific conditions, funerals, spiritual and cultural issues, benefits and finances, carers’ needs assessments, and how to think and talk about dying. These workshops are open to all carers.

Richard looks after his elderly mother who lives with dementia.

Just talking to Carers Network’s End of Life Carers Project Manager Francis helped me so much – both emotionally, and practically with by debt problems. Francis has been a tower of strength to me recently – as have been all the other members of the Carers Network team I deal with.


Find out more

If you would like a friendly chat about the project, contact the End of Life Carers Project Manager Francis Ngale on 020 8960 3033 or email francis@carers-network.org.uk

The End of Life Carers Project started on 1 October 2014. It is funded until March 2024 thanks to the generous support of The National Lottery Community Fund and The Henry Smith Charity.