Remembering carers in your will

When compiling your will, we know how important it is that you provide for those who mean a lot to you. Once you have made these decisions, you may wish to consider the causes that have special meaning for you. 

You may choose to leave Carers Network a legacy gift in your will. This is simple to do. And your legacy gift will make it possible for Carers Network to continue being there for unpaid carers for years to come. 

When you plan to include a gift to Carers Network in your will, consult a professional, such as a solicitor or financial adviser. They will help you ensure your will reflects your exact intentions and that any tax implications can be made clear for you.

To add your gift to Carers Network in your will, your adviser will need only the charity name, address and registered charity number. These are:

Carers Network, Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, London, W10 4JL
Registered charity number: 1097723

If you would like to have an informal chat about remembering Carers Network and carers, please email or call 020 8960 3033.